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“The entry card to the proclamation of the Republic of Latvia” is an interactive documentary on the creation of the Republic of Latvia. The project aims to bring the viewer through events of November 18th, 1918, from A to Z, and highlight the historic significance of that day.

The project is the event of Latvia's hundred-year programme, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the proclamation.

Sources used:

- "Latvijas valsts pasludināšana 1918.gada 18.novembrī", Publishing house “Madri”, 1998.
- Butulis, I., Janaitis, G., Slava, L., “Valsts pirmā”, Publishing house “Neputns”, 2008.
-  Photographs from representatives of the People's Council, National history Museum of Latvia and the National Archive of Latvia
-  V.Rīdzenieks, photography of the declaration of Latvia.
The entrance pass to the State establishment sitting.

History consultant: Barba Ekmane, Head of the interwar history department of the Latvian War Museum.

Actor: Ģirts Krūmiņš

Project contractor: Ministry of Culture

The project is made by: Latvian State’s Hundred-Year Office of Ministry of Culture

Inga Oliņa, marketing project manager
Līga Gaisa, project manager
Linda Pastare, public relations project manager

Project authors: CUBE

Edgars Kuzmins, creative director
Kristaps Šteimanis, art director
Egija Rukute, project manager
Baiba Veisberga, project manager
Kristaps Bajazitovs, programmer

Cooperation partner kind.